Application Areas

PAT3 is designed to be adapted to the environmental and operating characteristics  of each sector.

Our technical team will study the configuration that best fit your environment and will carry out the setup of the machine, in order to meet your needs.

Each totem, moreover, can memorize the parameters necessary to sanitize multiple different spaces. It will be possible to use one totem for more than one space. Inside the same office PAT3 will be able to memorize the parameters of each open-space, meeting room and each other space where you want to use it. The multiroom function will automatically correct the treatment for each different space.

Restaurants & Hotels

PAT3 uses a special liquid suitable to contact with food.

Industrial &

PAT3 is designed to treat large spaces hard to clean and sanitize.

Clinical &

PAT3 is a medical device certified CE as class I, produced in Italy.

Residential &
HVAC system

PAT3 is a smart solution to be implemented in an existing system, without modifying it.

Offices &
working places

PAT3 is programmable to sanitize  the office when is empty, at the end a report will be available (data logger).

Transport &
VIP lounge

PAT3 treats in an excellent way the air of all the places without a good air exchange (ferry, trains, etc..)

Museum &
place of worship

PAT3 uses technologies with a low chemical interaction against lifeless materials, concentrating on viruses and bacteria.

Gym &
Wellness centres

PAT3 reaches and sanitize every centimetre of surface, vertical or horizontal and it works perfectly with high humidity

Quality for every situation

PAT3 not only kills 99,9% of virus and bacteria but it purifies the air from molds, it eliminates the smells and it  drastically reduces the pathogens like PM10 and PM2,5.

PAT3 makes the environments healthier and more comfortable along every season of the year.