Why PAT3?

“Every day we are concerned by the quality of 3kg of food that we eat and we ignore the quality of 18kg of air that we breath! ”

Mitigate the virus diffusion

Wear the mask

Wear a barrier on the nose and mouth helps to prevent and minimize the particles transmitted by air.


Remove viral particles in the air  we breath

Wash your hands

Sanitize the hands helps to reduce the infection due to the contact with contaminated surfaces.


Remove viral particles from each surface


PAT3 treats entirely the air of different kind of environment up to 4 times every hour and it uses a shock technology able to sanitize the spaces in every direction, it kills 99,9% of bacteria and virus in every surface. (vertically and horizontally).
Read how the three integrated technologies work in PAT3.

Each space treated with PAT3 will be:

  • Continuously purged from in air viral particles with the PCO technology
  • Periodically sanitized with a full saturation of hydrogen peroxide dry fog
  • Constantly filtered against fine dust and pollutants (PM10; PM2,5)

✓ The Sars Covid-19 pandemic is going to modify for a long period the behaviors we are used to. All the indoor environments in which we spend most of our life must be protected from potential contamination generated by building occupants.

✓ The current state of emergency has paid attention to an often neglected essential subject: the IAQ Indoor Air Quality, that is the quality of the air in confined spaces, the same air that we breathe for 90% of the time during our day

PAT3 is THE solution. Highly accurate and intuitive device to be used in all the environments, independently from the existent plants and their scope.