The ultimate solution for the air treatment in confined spaces


PAT3 will treat confined environments with sanitation cycles ensuring a continuous abatement of pathogens, contaminants and pollutants with constant protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even in the presence of people.

PAT3 is a professional system of air and surfaces sanification, it is projected in detail for wide spaces, as offices and shops.

Thank to the combined use of technologies adopted in the most advanced hospitals, PAT3 purifies both the environment and the surfaces, providing a continuous protection and guaranteeing a steady reduction of virus and bacteria during the daily activities.

Thanks to its combination of technologies, PAT3 is able to sanitize effectively both the environment and the surfaces with a continuous protection, guaranteeing a steady destruction of pathogens and pollutant during the daily activities; in addition, following the highest sanitary standard and security protocols, it provides a further deep sanitization with a programmable treatment when the space is empty.

Remove the 99,9% of virus and bacteria

Continuous pure air h24 and periodically sanitized surfaces autonomously without modifying your existent plant

The only one with triple technology


Dry Fog