Triple technology

PAT3 is a patented product that combines together three advanced technologies coming from different environment to create a unique and automatic system of air sanitization able to provide high sanitization standards.

Photocatalytic oxidation – PCO

It is a continuous treatment of the environment thanks to the Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO), a technology validated by NASA since the 90’ to sanitize the environment during the space missions. The PCO is the best available solution for the sanitization in continuum.

It follows a natural process: the combined action of UV-C rays, humidity and titanium dioxide, generates oxidizing ions able to kill virus, bacteria, molds, PM2.5, PM10, allergens, smell in the air and on the surfaces, as per FDA certification.

Dry Fog

The programmable saturation of the spaces with hydrogen peroxide dry fog, neutralizes  the microorganisms. (Viruses, bacteria, spores and molds.)

The technology guarantee the treatment of all surfaces, even the most difficult to access, with a tested efficacy of 24h hours.

This kind of treatment, used in the most advanced hospitals, is obtained thanks to the oxidizing and sanitizing action of hydroxyl radicals both in the environment and surfaces, following the protocol of the Ministry of Health.


The technique of air treatment in its most advanced development and the case studies managed in decades of experience are the available common assets from the partners of this venture.

This experience is integrated with the most effective purification and sanitation technologies currently available on the market.