Certifications e Test

Our solution has been developed to guarantee the highest standard through certified technologies and validated processes.

Effective against SARS-CoV-2
Test of the Luigi Sacco hospital in Milan
Medical device registered with the Ministry of Health

Our product has been developed by selecting the most advanced and integrated technologies to obtain guaranteed results. Pat3 meets the standard and norms imposed by the Medical sector. It is registered with the Ministry of Health as Medical Device class I.

Sanisim Technology– Dry Fog

Deep sanitization using dry fog is a process validated and certified by accredited laboratories. The guarantee of the tests and the production process are entrusted to Bureau Veritas, the body in charge of control through on-site audits and documentary verification. To ensure the functionality of the system, the tests are carried out in compliance with the UNI EN 14476:2019 standard
“Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics – Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of virucidal activity in the medical area – Test method and requirements (Phase 2/Step 1)”.

PCOTM Technology

Sanitization using photocatalytic technology has been the subject of countless tests by various laboratories that have verified its effectiveness in multiple working conditions. To ensure maximum reliability, the tests were performed in accordance with the most recent UNI EN 17272: 2020 standard “Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics – Methods of airborne room disinfection by automated process – Determination of bactericidal, mycobactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal, yeasticidal, virucidal and phagocidal activities” at Eurofins Biolab, Accredia accredited laboratory.
Furthermore, from the experimentation conducted within the “Luigi Sacco” Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences in Milan, it has been shown that the PCO ™ technology is able to break down the viral load of SARS-CoV-2 on surfaces and tissues.

ICIM quality certification

ICIM certifies the quality of our processes through on-site audits. The management of the company, processes and procedures, the quality of suppliers and collaborators are examined, evaluating the satisfaction of our customers. The quality mark ensures the reliability of the measuring equipment and instruments, guaranteeing the authenticity of the measurements and data indicated in the technical specifications of the product.

Certified product test

The products are tested individually in our factories, but to guarantee quality for our customers we rely on external laboratories for the most significant tests.

Effectiveness test in real environments

Despite the countless laboratory tests, we are aware of the importance of testing and evaluating the functioning of products in a real environment, where there are many external factors that influence effectiveness. For this reason, with the support of accredited external laboratories and the availability of our customers and partners, we have been able to carry out efficacy tests in the most varied conditions. From hospital environments, to outpatient ones up to the large manufacturing industry. This continuous collaboration with partners and customers allows us to continuously monitor the reliability of the process, products and the effectiveness of our after-sales service.

CE marking

Community directive, of a product regulated in the European Union, which declares, by means of the declaration of conformity or performance for construction products, that the product complies with the safety requirements provided for by the applicable Community directives or regulations.

Environmental health

Working on the healthiness of the environment, the quality of our product in terms of environmental compatibility and human health are our primary goal. For this reason, the technologies used have been verified in collaboration with the best universities and laboratories. The product used for sanitization is biocompatible and acts without leaving any residue and harming health.

Patent Pending

The only product on the market with triple technology that treats surfaces and the environment at the same time.
Patent protected. 100% MADE IN ITALY.